Frequently Asked Questions

What types of cases does New Covenant Legal Services take?

NCLS handles the following types of cases: Consumer Fraud, Debt Collection Actions, Ex-Offender Rights/ Services, Expungements, Landlord/ Tenant Issues, Lemon Cars, Payday Loans, and Racial or Religious Discrimination.


NCLS bases it’s pricing on each individual’s need. We generally provide services to individuals at nominal rates or what we call a “low-bono” basis (a small charge for legal fees) depending on the nature of the problem and the individual’s personal and family resources. This can be anywhere from $50 to $500 depending on the case and circumstances. We also provide “pro bono” representation (no charge).


No, NCLS does not handle bankruptcy cases.


1. New Covenant Legal Services (“NCLS”) provides legal services to individuals living on fixed or low-incomes. NCLS’s mission is to demonstrate that Jesus Christ’s love and justice are
sovereign in the world. This mission will be accomplished through a Christ-centered approach to addressing legal problems and achieving social justice, in partnership with Christian churches in the St. Louis area.
2. The types of cases NCLS handles are listed on the main page of the website.
3. To be eligible for NCLS services, the individual must normally meet the following criteria: (a)Be on a fixed income. This means an individual income of less than $25,000 per year or a family income of less than $35,000 for an individual with three or more dependents; (b) Be a
resident of St. Louis City or County. (c) Not have received counsel or representation from NCLS in the past 24 months for the same issue; and (d) Not currently be represented by an attorney on the same legal issue.
4. Most referrals come through one of the following sources: NCLS-sponsored clinics at various local Christian churches, faith-based ministries, other Legal Services organizations, or our volunteer attorneys or lay volunteers. NCLS will take cold calls but we may ask that the caller go through one of our intake clinics held at various churches. It the goal of NCLS to not simply resolve legal problems in a Biblical fashion, but to assist its clients, when necessary, in achieving personal, spiritual, and financial maturity as they walk through the process of resolving their legal needs and problems with NCLS.
5. Individuals seeking services or wishing to make a referral should call the NCLS offices at (314) 726-6489 and ask to speak with NCLS Director Mr. Al Johnson or a NCLS staff member. As noted above, if the potential client is calling NCLS directly rather than coming through a referral source, we may ask that they make an appointment at one of our intake clinics. We do not take walk-ins; we ask that you make an appointment.
6. If NCLS decides to take the case, a contract will be signed with the client outlining the terms of the representation. The representation will either be conducted by Mr. Johnson directly, or by one of the volunteer attorneys who partners with NCLS.
7. If the new case is referred to one of NCLS’s volunteer attorneys, NCLS will maintain regular contact with the attorney to whom the case is referred and offer counsel and/or litigation support services when necessary.
8. NCLS reserves the right to refuse any case that is referred if our review of the circumstances indicates that NCLS is not able to help the individual or that they otherwise do not meet our guidelines.

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